The holidays are almost here! It’s that great time of year where we get to share our talents, our crafts, and our hearts with those in need. Please think about Wellspring this year when you are planning your holiday giving. Are you part of a church group, a school or university, a local chapter of a club, a neighborhood association, a state agency, or a local charity? Check out our Wishlist if you are thinking about organizing a holiday drive as in-kind donations are what sustain us throughout the following year. There are also other ways to give. Have a craft you can offer to the guests here at Wellspring during our 12 Days of Christmas? What about Gingerbread Houses or helping our guests mail their cards to their families here and abroad? Want to take a tour of Wellspring and see what we do here or sign up to volunteer? Either which way, there are so many ways to give back. Please contact Jodi this holiday season with questions about donations and any ideas you may have by calling 916.454.9688 ext. 205 or by emailing her at