Public Transportation Information Station

Public Transportation Information Station

Your one stop shop for Sacramento Regional Transit information and resources (that really should just be on the bus) all conveniently located at Wellspring Women’s Center

 Transit Equity doesn’t stop at bus ticket giveaways and information the stations, #FareTalk needs Action in Community! You can help by efare talk broadwayntering our Wellspring Advocacy logo contest. Win a prize worth up to $50 AND have your art fighting the good fight for as long as image trademark lasts.

Logo Contest Rules:

  • All participants must be 18 years old or younger and be connected to Regional Transit personally in some way
  • Logos must maintain intended design/ look as small as 1/2″ squared
  • Must use Wellspring orange and green with RT’s gold/ yellow and blue (other colors are fine to include but not required)
  • Must incorporate the word Wellspring and the GAC’s “catch phrase” which YOU decide on.  Some ideas are…
    • #FareTalk, STAB (Sacramento Transit Advocacy Beauro),
  • Must include mass transit imagery
    • picture of bus, train, futuristic flying car, or any interpretation thereof
  • Must represent Wellspring’s mission of hospitality with dignity and love as well as incite strong connections to activism, community organizing, community triumph and struggle, etc.

Must be fun for you to make!!!

All submissions must be submitted by Friday, August 21st as hard-copies either in person or by mail.  DigPicture1ital copies are not required and will not be considered in judging but are appreciated.

Depending on volume of submissions, there will be a vote on social media the week following the submission deadline, followed again by a vote at the center where guests choose the picture to represent them.


Advocacy Services



You can now find bus schedules, rider newsletters, route change alerts and much much more at Wellspring Women’s Center.  Come to the back door at any time to get assistance in planning out your routes.  Services and resources include:


  • Verification of disability for 50% discount on your fare
    • Any recognized mental health diagnosis coupled with participation in a social service agency qualifies you for a discount due to mental health disability.  Call or come in today to see if your anxiety and/ or depression over the high cost of transportation to low wage jobs can get you half off your transit costs!
  • Free bus passes handed out Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings
    • first come first serve
  • Access to the Regional Transit Bus Book usually available at the R street office
  • Full system map at your disposal
  • Pocket schedules for all routes, free to take with you
  • Transit Rider News and Updates- free to take
  • Plans and timelines for system changes including route eliminations and schedule changes
  • Updates and schedules for Regional Transit board meetings where We the People can stand up and be heard
  • Contact information for RT’s executive team and step by step support through their customer complain procedures
    • Help and support in writing, emailing and even voice recording messages to decision makers regarding public transportation


Have an idea for something that should be in the Transportation Station but isn’t?  Let us know!  Call, email or come on down to tell us about it.  We’ll do our best to support your movin’ and shakin’ around public transportation.