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The C.U.P. 

Contribution - Understanding - Perseverance


The CUP is our sustained giving circle. It is filled with your monthly Contributions. Before we drink from the CUP, we seek first to Understand the issues that face our community. And we ask that you give based on your collective want for our guests to Persevere beyond those issues, even in the face of adversity. 


Ongoing donations allow Wellspring to budget for a rainy day and have the funds necessary to run all of our critical programs, year after year. We have been going strong since our doors opened in 1987. Your sustained monthly, quarterly, and annual gifts, are vital to our success. 

If you would like to join the CUP, you can do so in the following ways: 


  • Online - Sign up to donate monthly online by visiting our donation form page here.

  • Over the phone - Please contact our Executive Director, Genelle Smith, at (916) 454-9688, ext. 207, for more details or send an email to

  • Direct Deposit Donations  - make a donation directly from your bank account. Please contact Lea, our Business Manager at (916) 454-9688, ext. 200 or send an email to

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